David Hockney New Electronic Snaps Postcard Collection (6 Cards)


In 1990 David Hockney exhibited his gorgeous candy-coloured New Electronic Snaps at the National Media Museum, Bradford,  and later at Salts Mill. 

The images were created from colour laser prints taken from video camera stills, then pasted together in a development of David's joiner style. There's such a sense of fun in these pictures of his friends.

These postcards are sent out in an 1853 Gallery bag. There are 1of each of the following cards, so 6 cards in total:

Colin Ford, Aug.29.90

Jeff Burkhart, Sept.9.90

Henry Geldzahler, Sep.5.90

Jack Hardy, Sep.12.90

David Duarte Jr, Sep.6.90

Stephanie Barron, Sep.6.90

These are authorised David Hockney postcards, produced in 1990  by the Natioanl Media Museum. They are in excellent condition for a paper product of this age.