'Dear World' Pinnable Paper Globe by Palomar


By: Palomar

'Dear World' is a pinnable paper globe that invites you to trace your personal travel experiences. Use the special red pins to remember the places you have visited, and mark those that remain on your wish list!

At first, this globe looks like an atlas, but it takes just a few seconds to turn it into a three-dimensional object so that you can track your journeys across our beautiful planet. The 'Dear World' Globe stands up on its own without needing any support: it is very light, but solid enough to be placed anywhere be it on a table, bookcase or bedroom shelf.  

Made from a special high quality paper by Fedrigoni, the monochrome graphics enhance the paper’s tactile quality and texture.

You can choose between two cartographic options: the map of the world with city names – and no borders – or the map with country names and borders.

  • Material: Fedrigoni Paper Materica
  • Print: High quality silkscreen printing with non-toxic inks 
  • Package includes: 50 special red pins
  • Small: 21cm Medium: 28cm