Die Weissenhofsiedlung / The Weissenhof Estate poster (Mies van der Rohe, Corbusier, Gropius etc)


A large poster showing the overall plan and individual buildings of the truly remarkable Weissenhof Estate in Stuttgart, Germany.

Die Weissenhofsiedlung was housing project of the most progressive kind - an exhibition called 'The Flat', which involved building radical new housing that offered  an alternative to slums.  Art director Ludwig Mies van der Rohe called in a superstarchitect team to get the project done: Le Corbusier,  Pierre Jeanneret, Walter Gropius, Hans Scharoun, Peter Behrens, Josef Frank, Hilbersheimer, Hans Poelzig, Bruno and Max Taut and Mart Stam. They created 63 apartments in 21 buildings for, in their words  “for the modern city dweller, from blue-collar workers to the upper middle class." The whole thing was built that was built in just 21 weeks in 1927. Much of it was destroyed during world war two, some demolished in the 1950s, but Le Corbusier and Jeanneret's house remains and is now part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site encompassing 'The Architectural Work of Le Corbusier, an outstanding contribution to the Modern Movement.' 

Approximate dimensions: 70 x 100cm