Drowning Girl poster by Roy Lichtenstein


Drowning Girl is a real favourite of ours - many a time we have been with her in her insistence on dealing with her own predicament.

Roy Lichtenstein produced ‘Drowning Girl’ in 1963,  based on original art by Tony Abruzzo. The painting is one of the artist's earliest images depicting women in what some critics refer to as tragic situations. However, we've always thought Drowning Girl is going to get herself out of there, give useless Brad his marching orders, and make it big time.

Approximate Dimensions:
Paper size: 69 × 60 cm
Image size: 56 × 55 cm
Note, this print has  a small border area with artists credit information. 
Please hang away from direct sunlight to prevent fading. 
Pop art pioneer Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997) created his first poppy works in the 1950s: cartoon-strip style paintings, exaggerated printed dots, loud lettering and violently coloured explosions became the trademarks of his work. Heavily influenced by advertising of the time, his tongue-in-cheek style often served as a social commentary on the changing nature of contemporary American society. Bold, graphic, iconic and kitsch these are real statement prints that pack a punch.