Midsummer: East Yorkshire - Complete Postcard Collection (36 cards) by David Hockney


Midsummer: East Yorkshire is David Hockney's series of 36 watercolours, presented at Somerset House, London and then at Salts Mill. This is a  full set of all 36 images in postcard format. They come in a lovely presentation wallet / box printed with all the contents. Enjoy sending these to friends, immerse yourself in their beauty by pinning the whole lot up on the wall, or allow them to flutter in the breeze on our postcard mobile. 

When he was painting Midsummer: East Yorkshire, David Hockney worked in pre-mixed colour so he could work as fast as possible, and didn’t allow himself the comfort of any underdrawing in pencil. The result has a fresh and vivid beauty.

Printed in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England

Each postcard measures 15.1cm x 10cm