Moka Espresso Coffee Maker (induction hob) - 9 cup - des. David Chipperfield (made by Alessi)


By: Alessi

An induction coffee maker with a familiar and at the same time innovative form. Designed by architect David Chipperfield, Moka is an artist's interpretation of a timeless icon of the Italian culture.

Chipperfield introduces a series of details that make the Moka design new and even more functional, such as the flat lid on which to place the cups to be heated - allowing optimum enjoyment of the aroma and flavour of the drink.

For those who don't want to compromise on the unmistakeable taste of coffee prepared with an espresso coffee maker, the Moka is ideal for your morning caffeine fix.

  • Espresso coffee maker in aluminium casting. Light grey knob and handle in PA. Magnetic steel bottom suitable for induction cooking. Filter for American coffee included. 9 cups. Warning: verify that your induction hob is able to switch on when an item with a diameter of at least 90mm is placed on it. 
  • 9 cup capacity: approx 15 3/4 oz
  • 9 Cup Moka approx dimensions: 8 inches high, 8 inches long, 4.75 inches wide.