Factory Outdoor Wall Clock - Green - Weather-Ready Station with Hygrometer and Temperature, by Cloudnola


Robust. Informative. Stylish. The Factory Outdoor Green Wall Clock by Cloudnola is the quintessential outdoor companion, merging the robustness required for outdoor resilience with the informative features of a full-fledged weather station. Enclosed in a verdant green case that complements the natural outdoors, this clock is both a practical instrument and a stylish addition to any exterior wall.

Designed with a domed glass to withstand the unpredictability of open-air environments, this wall clock goes beyond merely displaying time. It is equipped with a barometer and temperature gauge, offering you critical insights into the weather patterns, perfect for anyone dedicated to outdoor activities such as gardening, farming, or ranching.

The green hue of the clock is not just for aesthetic appeal; it signifies the clock's readiness for the great outdoors. Its waterproof and UV-resistant build ensures that whether it's under the scorching sun, the pouring rain, or the frosty chill, the Factory Outdoor Green Wall Clock stands undaunted, ready to inform and endure.

The clock’s face is thoughtfully designed for clarity and visibility, with bold markings that can be read from a distance. Whether glancing out from the kitchen window or walking back from the garden, the time can easily be read, the temperature assessed, and preparations for the day's weather made! 

This clock transcends its functional role as a timekeeper to become an essential element of an outdoor living space. It provides a touch of sophistication with its classic design while keeping you informed and prepared for the day ahead.

  • Approx dimensions: Height 11.81" x Width 11.81" x Depth 3" 
  • Battery: 1 x AA battery (battery not included) 
  • Care: To care for your clock, ensure accurate timekeeping by adjusting as needed. Regularly dust its surface and gently clean the glass or face with a soft, lint-free cloth to maintain its clarity. Replace batteries promptly to prevent disruption in timekeeping. Handle the clock carefully to avoid damage and enjoy its functionality for years to come

Cloudnola green initiatives:

Cloudnola prioritises sustainable and environmentally friendly principles, ensuring their commitment to responsible practices. They actively incorporate recycled materials into the packaging of their clocks and consistently seek innovative approaches to further diminish their ecological footprint. By utilizing energy-efficient lighting and adopting responsible waste management methods, Cloudnola embraces green initiatives. Their unwavering dedication lies in reducing their carbon footprint and advocating for a more sustainable future.