Factory XL Wall Clock - Silent - Yellow Steel Case - by Cloudnola


Classic. Clean. A Clock for the ages. Offering both a nod to the past and a vision for timeless interiors, the Factory Wall Clock doesn't just keep time—it sets a benchmark. 

Inspired by the unmistakable industrial lines of the 1940s, The XL Factory Wall Clock stands as a testament to the restrained elegance of mid-century modern design. Every facet of this piece, from its solid steel case to its meticulous detailing, echoes an era when craftsmanship was paramount. With reminders of clocks once gracing the walls of libraries, classrooms, gyms, and artist studios, it's not just a timepiece but a slice of history. Its silent mechanism ensures time flows undisturbed, while the glass-covered dial remains a protective window to its precision.

Its robust build does more than just promise durability; it leaves an indelible impression on all who encounter it in person. Indeed, many attest to its weighty presence, both in build and style.

  • Approx Dimensions: Height 17.7" x Width 17.7" x Depth 3"
  • Battery: 1xAA battery (battery not included)
  • Care: To care for your clock, ensure accurate timekeeping by adjusting as needed. Regularly dust its surface and gently clean the glass or face with a soft, lint-free cloth to maintain its clarity. Replace batteries promptly to prevent disruption in timekeeping. Handle the clock carefully to avoid damage and enjoy its functionality for years to come. 

Cloudnola green initiatives: 

Cloudnola prioritises sustainable and environmentally friendly principles, ensuring their commitment to responsible practices. They actively incorporate recycled materials into the packaging of their clocks and consistently seek innovative approaches to further diminish their ecological footprint. By utilizing energy-efficient lighting and adopting responsible waste management methods, Cloudnola embraces green initiatives. Their unwavering dedication lies in reducing their carbon footprint and advocating for a more sustainable future.