Flexible Dust Brush by Burstenhaus Redecker


Cleaning is a serious business and it's a darn site easier and more pleasurable when you have quality kit to get the job done. We've sold these forever.

With this very flexible dust brush, you don't need to kid yourself you can't see the thick dust between your radiator bars anymore (or is that just me?)

Materials: oiled beechwood handle, dark goat hair. Bristle area length (WOW): 49 cm. Diameter  2- 5 cm (variable as it's conical) Length: 70 cm

The edge brush is an aid for all unattainable places behind and beside cupboards and in all kinds of niches. The goat hair of the brush picks up the dust. If necessary wash the brush with a mild detergent solution and let it dry in fresh air or at room temperature.
Burstenhaus Redecker have been making this stuff since 1935. Too fine for machine production, too elegant to be altered, and too popular to do without. Each item is a unique piece with a history of its own. Care instruction: Wash with lukewarm water and a mild detergent solution. After washing, press out excess water and hang dry outside in fresh air or indoors at room temperature.