Focus de Luxe Coffee Spoons - set of 4 - des. Folke Arstrom, 1955 (made by Gense)


By: Gense

These are perfect. Just perfect.

It was back in 1955 that Folke Arström designed the cutlery collection Focus de Luxe for Gense. Among other accolades, the cutlery has been hailed by the New York Times as “one of the 100 best designed products of modern times”. Today’s Focus de Luxe collection is superbly durable. The stainless steel material is scratch-resistant and virtually indestructible, while the black handles, which were originally made from nylon, are now made from hard POM plastic. This set of 4 coffee spoons comes boxed. 

Dimensions: 5.2 inches / 13cm long. 

About the designer, Folke Arström

Folke Arström was a Swedish industrial designer, painter and silversmith. He was  chief designer and art manager at Gense for many years, where he designed the Focus de Luxe range in 1955.  Arström was a functionalist, known for his simple, elegant  and purposeful design.

About the manufacturer

All over the world, the Gense name is associated with high quality cutlery that adds beauty to one’s daily life. The company’s long and interesting history has made it one of Europe’s leading cutlery manufacturers. Gense products are all distinguished for their innovative design and famous for the high quality of their shape and function. Since the beginning of the twentieth century Gense has been associated with well-known designers. Gense’s hallmark is top-quality Scandinavian design founded on respect for traditions and the rich complexity of the craftsmanship.