Juu Frying Pan with Detachable Beechwood handle - 24cm - by Fujita Kinzoku


The Juu Frying Pan is an ingenious design with a special solid beech wood handle (made in Tendo City, Yamagata, Japan) that can be attached and detached with a simple sliding motion, meaning it can be transferred from hob to oven with ease, and then served directly to the table after cooking where the handle can be removed, transforming the pan into a beautiful serving plate. 

The thick, black-skinned steel plate with a thickness of 1.6 mm means meat or vegetables can be grilled over a low heat leading to deliciously jiuicy meant and perfectly crunchy vegetables. 

Owing to the unique hard tempering process on the pan, there is no need to oil it at the beginning of use; the Juu frying pan is non-stick, rust-resistant, and allows for easy and delicious cooking.

  • Material: Made of iron with beech wood handle 
  • Approx dimensions: Inner diameter 24cm, overall length (with handle attached) 46cm, depth 4cm, weight 1040 g 
  • Surface treatment: hard tempering 
  • IH/Gas compatible: Compatible with all

About Fujita Kinzoku: 

Since 1951, Fujita Metal MFG has been manufacturing a variety of metal products starting with frying pans, pots, cups as well as garden and outdoor products. Three brothers, including 4th CEO, oversee all the processes including mold manufacturing, processing, and sales. Since our products are daily necessities, we are always conscious of manufacturing products that are not only convenient but can bring pleasure to everyday life by incorporating ingenuity and craftsmanship.