Gemini candleholder - polished stainless steel - des. Peter Karpf, 1965


So beautiful and understated. Stunning on the table or mantelpiece either on its own, or alongside other Gemini candlesticks, intertwined with seasonal foliage or flowers. Peter Karpf's design seems to enhance the beauty of what surrounds it - that is clever. Note: you'll need the right sized candles for your Gemini candleholder, just search 'Gemini candles.'

Karpf, fascinated by flames,  created the Gemini precisely to allow for the candles to be the smallest distance apart without falling. Made of solid stainless steel, the candle holder can hold two handmade candles with the optimal burning time of 4 hours.

Dimensions W15,50 H11,60 cm. Polished solid stainless steel. 

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