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Good Morning Sunshine coffee by Dark Woods - coffee beans, 250g


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This is a 250g bag of coffee BEANS
Flavours: French Toast on a Summer's morning
Roast Level: 3/5 (Medium)
Farm & Region: Colombia El Ata, Honduras Guadalupe
Altitude: Various
Process: Washed, Washed
Variety: Various arabicas

Roasted by Darkwoods coffee on the edge of Marsden village, in the West Yorkshire Pennines. They're a B Corp and a multiple (over 80!!) Great Taste Award winner.

A bold breakfast blend, selected from sweet and complex high-altitude South & Central American arabicas. A medium roast tempers the natural acidity found in high altitude washed arabicas and adds body and depth whilst retaining stone fruit and milk chocolate sweetness.

This is a perfect everyday coffee for those who like a richer brew and it stands up to milk, sugar, eggs, bacon and cornflakes alike.