Gregory Loading his Camera poster by David Hockney (Andre Emmerich Gallery, New York, 1983)


Artist: David Hockney

This vintage David Hockney poster reproduces a 'joiner' (photomontage) of Gregory Loading his Camera, 1983. It's a consideration of how photography can be used to capture multiple points of perspective: a passage in and through a moment in time. It's also a celebration of Gregory's mop of brown curly hair, his just-in-case umbrella, his tasselled loafers and what's now a rarely-performed act: the placing of a roll of film into a camera. The poster was printed for the exhibition New Work with a Camera at the Andre Emmerich Gallery, New York, 1983. 

The David Hockney Foundation quotes the artist on this period of his work thus: "I began looking at photography from various points of view. They said perspective was built into the camera. But my experiments showed that when you put two or three photographs together, you can alter perspective.... It was an attack on perspective - it was all about the spectator's being in the picture, not outside it - an attack on the window idea, that Renaissance notion of the painting's being as if slotted into a wall, which I'd always felt implied the wall and hence separation from the world."

We have a number of archive joiner posters available - search 'joiner' and you'll see this varied and inspiring group. The passing of time has made them feel smarter and sharper than ever.  Consider a collection of these posters hung together, salon style, on a large expanse of wall. 

Approximate dimensions  24 x 39 in; 62.5 x 99.3 cm

This is an authorised David Hockney poster. It's an archive / vintage poster, printed in 1983,  now collectable and in short supply. Please hang away from direct sunlight to prevent fading. Our posters are delivered rolled in tubes.