Hembury Side Table - Herdwick / Black Ash


This beautiful Side Table may be small, but within it lies a fascinating story of craftsmanship and a commitment to sustainable design. Not a trend, but a timeless piece to make us think - and look below the surface. 

A perfect companion to the Hembury Chair, this elegant design showcases Herdwick Wool at its heart. Producing a dark grey composite with the lighter guard hairs standing out, paired with black Ash legs to make for a striking combination. 

Uncomplicated, enduring and created with materials that do all the talking, it is a piece that will sit quietly in the corner, yet steal the show.  

The Details:  Scorched Ash Legs + Herdwick Solidwool

The Dimensions: 48cm Height x 47.5cm Diameter

About Solidwool's Herdwick material:

A unique, composite material. Made with Herdwick wool a natural, sustainable and beautiful fibre and reinforced with bio-resin as the binder. The bio-content makes up 50% of the resin in our Solidwool Herdwick composite. Solidwool material showcases the beauty of the Herdwick fleece - a natural dark grey fleece with lighter guard hairs, and when used in Solidwool creates a striking composite.

It is strong, unique and beautifully crafted material.

Each sample displays its own subtle differences and characteristics within the structure of this beautiful wool composite.