Extruded Vase - Glossy Dark Purple (IKN 14) des Alvino Bagni, made by Nuove Forme (exclusive)


We're the only UK stockists Nuove Forme, who produced this stunning Italian vase. 

Nuove Forme started up in 1993 by a group including the granddaughter of the great ceramicist Alvino Bagni, whose work they set out to celebrate.

This extruded vase is a reinterpretation of Bagni's superb design of the 70s / 80s: a period of technical and formal experimentation when Bagni challenged himself to  create new objects using the extrusion technique. Nuove Forme collaborated with Simona Cardinetti and Christoph Schnug on this fabulous re-design. 

Approximate dimensions: 30cm high, 15cm wide.