Juicy Salif Studio No.3 - limited edition of 999 des. Phillipe Stark , 1990 (made by Alessi)


By: Alessi

When is a juicer not a juicer? Well, when it's a limited edition sculptural decorative bronze piece, created to celebrate Alessi's 100th anniversary. Reproduced in its original bronze prototype version, this is a highly collectable & purely decorative piece of 90s design history. It is most definitely not suitable as a juicer or for any food use!

The iconic sculptural form of the Juicy Salif first came to be in 1990 – it became a kind of design signature for the extraordinary Philippe Starck – but has continued to evolve ever since. This bronze limited edition still clearly resembles the lemon juicer that inspired it, but it’s been repurposed in bronze: the perfect example of old-meets-new design.

Multiple in bronze casting. Limited edition of 999 and 3 artist's proofs. Approximate dimensions: 14cm wide, 29 cm high (5.51 inches wide, 11.42 inches high)