Knaegt coat rack (natural oak) des. Rikke Palmerston for Woud


Beautiful, elegant, simple: Knægt is a coat rack and hat shelf created by one of Europe's most gifted young designers.

The simple repetition of wooden sticks with a leather cord passing through makes the coat rack dynamic as the line created by the sticks changes depending on what is hung on the rack. Each stick functions as a hanger.

Knægt was developed by Rikke Palmerston with sustainability in mind: it is flat-packed for easy transportation and manufactured without the need for advanced technology. In 2017 Palmerston was won the FSC Danish Design Award for this coat rack.

Material: Oak Width:88 cm Depth:29 cm Height:35 cm 

About designer Rikke Palmerston:
Palmerston is a talented upcoming designer born in Denmark. Her work  is characterised by simple lines, powerful expressions and pure functionalities. With a profound love for the wood and attention to sustainability, she creates classic yet innovative products rooted in the Danish design heritage.