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Large framed posters - various


Artist: Salts Mill

We have loads of large framed posters for sale in the real-world Salts Mill, but we don't offer large framed posters for sale online (too many courier van sob stories...) So do come and browse in the book and poster shop.

If you're able to get to Saltaire and there is a poster you'd like to buy framed but there isn't an option to buy it online, check at the bottom of the product description  - if we offer it framed, there will be a note with the approximate price. If you're interested, email Bear in mind the dimensions to avoid car boot catastrophes! 

We don't offer a choice of frames, so if you want to choose your frame yourself the best route is to buy the poster and take it to a framer where you can select what you like best. Generally our prices are much lower than individual bespoke frames.