Leonardo da Vinci’s Greatest Hits, 1982 poster by Jean-Michel Basquiat (printed on watercolour paper)


Whilst growing up in New York, Jean-Michel Basquiat often visited museums with his mother and remained an avid exhibition goer throughout his life. As a result Basquiat included an eclectic mix of art historical figures in his paintings. Leonardo da Vinci's Greatest Hits features Basquiat’s own interpretation of some of Da Vinci's most notorious paintings. This includes Vitruvian Man in which Basquiat depicted his own muscular male figure with outstretched arms adorned with a halo like sphere. 

Printed on watercolour paper.

Approximate dimensions (height x width): paper size is 40 x 36.5 cm, image area is  29 × 25 cm and comes with a 5 cm border containing the artist name and print title near the bottom edge of the paper