Less Trees Near Warter Poster by David Hockney


Artist: David Hockney

This beautiful and unusually shaped (tall and thin) poster comes from a 2009 image by David Hockney. The original was an inkjet printed computer drawing – that is, drawn by Hockney on a computer. We adore the huge brooding sky, and the shocking, naked pink of the bare earth beneath the felled trees. 

Unframed dimensions 42 x 100.5 cm

If you're looking for related works to hang alongside your Less Trees Near Warter look at Summer Sky, Green Valley and Autumn Trees near Thixendale - these were completed during the same period and share both palette and technique.  

Text along base of poster reads: 'David Hockney  Salts Mill, Saltaire, Yorkshire' Then beneath in very small type, the name of the image and the original details. 

(We so sell this poster framed, but only for collection at Salts Mill. If you're interested, please contact us.)

Printed in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England on 224gsm Olin Regular High White paper made from pure eucalyptus fibres. FSC Certified, ECF. 

This is an authorised David Hockney poster, produced by Salts Mill, for Salts Mill. Please hang away from direct sunlight to prevent fading.