LIFE: Ian Beesley Exhibition Poster (Glynn Terrace)


Artist: Ian Beesley

Superb A2 size exhibition  poster, created for Ian Beesley's LIFE here at Salts, August - October, 2022.

Dimensions: this poster is UK A2 size, which means it's 42 x 59.4cm

You can also buy both LIFE exhibition posters for £15, search Beesley to see the separate listing.

This poster shows Beesley's monochrome shot of Glynn Terrace, Bradford. Beesley recalls taking the shot thus:

“When I graduated from college in 1977 I received a Kodak Scholarship for Social Documentation. I headed home to Bradford to photograph the North and the industries that made it.

I couldn’t afford a car so used to walk from my home in Eccleshill around the streets and across the city looking for subjects to photograph. I shot in black and white not for any aesthetic reasons – that’s simply all I could afford -  but I’ve since grown rather fond of monochrome.

Street corners were always good locations where people would gather or children would play. Here I came across some kids playing marbles whilst two ladies chat across the street.”

Printed in Bradford, West Yorkshire on 3D Bulky Gloss paper. Please hang away from direct sunlight to prevent fading.