LIFE: Ian Beesley exhibition poster (Gray's Fisheries)


Artist: Ian Beesley

Superb A2 size exhibition  poster, created for Ian Beesley's LIFE here at Salts, August - October, 2022.

Dimensions: this poster is UK A2 size, which means it's 42 x 59.4cm

You can also buy both LIFE exhibition posters for £15, search Beesley to see the separate listing.

This poster shows Beesley's famous shot of Gray's Fisheries, Bradford. The artist recalls the shoot thus:

“I took this picture on June 7th, 1977 which was the Queen’s Silver Jubilee.

My dad had died and he’d left me some money. Instead of a car I bought a 5x4 plate camera and tripod (a Sinar F Monorail). I realised that on the bank holiday the streets of Bradford would be very quiet with hardly any traffic: a great opportunity to wander about setting up shots without cars getting in the way. I’d walked past this Gray’s Fisheries loads of times; all my free time was spent walking the streets of Bradford taking photos.

It was a lovely day and I knew exactly when the light would be good on the chip shop. I set up directly in front of the place. Then I saw somebody looking out of the windows. I knocked on the door to explain what I was doing and to ask if the people inside would like to come out and  be in the photograph. Mr & Mrs Gray, the proprietors, were very pleased to be asked. They explained they were retiring later that month. Their smiles are genuine, warm and maybe a look a little unexpected  given this looks like a desolate spot on a precipice at the edge of the cityscape.

Mr Gray then pointed out the sign above the door - A.GRAY. Percy Shaw – the famous Yorkshire inventor of cat’s eyes - was Mr Gray’s best friend. When he opened his chip shop, Percy Shaw told his mate he should get a neon sign for the shop. Mr Gray couldn’t afford one, so Mr Shaw made him one from cat’s eyes. When cars drove down the street at night their headlights made the eyes twinkle. It did the same job but no electricity was involved. Lo-fi, zero energy neon, Bradford style.

The Grays retired and the shop was demolished soon after.”

Printed in Bradford, West Yorkshire on 3D Bulky Gloss paper. Please hang away from direct sunlight to prevent fading.