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Metal Tray Table - low (made by Hay)


By: Hay

The Metal Tray Table is very pleasing. It's a multi-functional piece of furniture that can easily be adapted to fit your needs. When the tray top is in place, it can be used as a bedside table or coffee table, and when the tray top is removed, it becomes a regular tray that can be used to carry items. If you buy a high one and a low one, you can store the low beneath the high. 

Pictured here in black, costing £149 plus postage which is calculated at checkout. Lead time 10 weeks.  Available in many different colours and sizes, please contact us for details.  

  • SIZE: L30 X W30 X H34
  • CARE & MAINTENANCE: Tray Table should be cleaned with a firmly wrung cloth. Dry the tray after cleaning.