Museum of Modern Art (Untitled A) 1986 triptych poster by Francesco Clemente from The Departure of the Argonaut by Alberto Savinio


A beautiful and unusual work, produced on 3 separate sheets to be mounted together creating a single long piece, this would look stunning hung in any type of interior.

The Departure of the Argonaut (1918) is the travelogue and wartime diary of Alberto Savinio, one of the seminal figures in 20th century Italian arts and letters. Clemente’s project was to illustrate the text. A limited edition of the book was published and the Museum of Modern Art. New York exhibited the work in 1986 and it was for that show that this extraordinary 3-part poster was produced. (The book itself is a thing of great beauty – during the project Clemente became fascinated as never before with the technical aspects of printmaking and used a huge range of lithographic techniques and materials to produce a remarkable variety of visual effects.  

The legend ‘Alberto Savinio   The Departure of the Argonaut   Francesco Clemente The Museum of Modern Art   New York   November 6th 1986 – February 10th ‘ is printed in red along the base of the work. The paper is not white but has a buttery / creamy hue.

This  artwork comes on 3 separate sheets. The approximate total measurement of all 3 sheets is 3 metres, 7 cm (120.8 inches) x 70.3cm (27.6 inches).

Parts 1 & 3 measure 102 x 70.3 cm and part two measures 100.3 x 70.3 cm.

This is an archive poster, printed by the Petersburg Press in the 1980s, now collectable and in very short supply. Given its age the condition is very, very good.  Our stock is sold as new. Please hang away from direct sunlight to prevent fading. We send out posters rolled in tubes.