No Title Poster by Richard Wright, Davis Street


This poster featuring No Title (2020) was produced by Gagosian in 2023, in conjunction with the exhibition Richard Wright at Gagosian, Davies Street, London.

Wright is known for large-scale, site-specific painted and applied metal-leaf installations that invest architectural spaces with new optical and associative complexity. Incorporating graphic and ornamental elements, they allude to Minimalism and Renaissance art as well as to commercial images. In his works on paper, Wright also employs ink drawing, gilding, printmaking, and watercolour painting techniques.

No Title, an abstract work made with One Shot poster paint and One Shot lettering enamel on affiche paper, features a gridded design, suggesting patchwork quilts or tiled walls, while also evoking the dizzying retinal effects of Op art. 


Approximate Dimensions:  76.2 × 50.8 cm