Nuage vase -medium, light silver anodised aluminium - des. Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, 2016 (made by Vitra)


By: Vitra

The Nuage vase produces an attractive interplay of light and shadow with its undulating shape and anodised aluminium finish. Flowers and grasses can be arranged in each cluster of eight individual tubes, and thanks to their precise outer contours, the vases can also be fitted together to create entire 'cloud formations'.

Approximate dimensions: max height 24cm / 9 1/2"; max width 19.5cm / 7 3/4"; max depth 11cm / 4 1/4"
  • Material:  anodised aluminium, rubber stoppers.
  • Important information:  the colour will change gradually over time due to the special surface treatment and resulting pigmentation, which is otherwise reserved for art objects. Exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided when possible.