Ossidiana coffee maker - 3 cup - des. Mario Trimarchi, 2014 (made by Alessi)


By: Alessi

Wow - this one is stunning.

Designed by Sicilian architect Mario Trimarchi, this is a  very contemporary espresso coffee maker with a sculptural, faceted form inspired by obsidian, also known as lava glass. The project was created in Trimarchi’s  characteristic style of using memories and fragments of images, narrated through an object’s form - he says 'design is a naive way to feel a little closer to the mystery of beauty.' You really get that when you look at this special object. In 2016, Ossidiana won the prestigious Compasso d’Oro design award. 

The modern moka pot is cast from aluminium and makes 3 cups of espresso at once. Its handle and knob are made of thermoplastic resin. 

Cast aluminium espresso coffee maker. Handle and knob in black thermoplastic resin. 

Dimensions of 3 cup Ossidiana -  H 17.5    Dia 8.5 cm

Alessi, established in 1921, is a lynchpin of superb Italian design, committed to making the ordinary extraordinary. “A true design work must move people, convey emotions, bring back memories, surprise, and go against common thinking” - Alberto Alessi.  

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