Pause (1964) Poster by Bridget Riley


Artist: Bridget Riley

Brilliant Bridget Riley broke through in the early 60's with a series of black and white paintings. She set the tone for a large number of artists who followed. We love this unmistakeably Riley poster.

Riley's pictures are incredibly simple, but when her images then hit the eye, things start to happen. Riley works intensely to structure lines and figures so that they have the greatest possible effect on our perceptual apparatus.

Op Art - Optical art - was an international trend between 1950 and 1970 and existed side by side with the other experimental art forms of the 60s.

Artists were preoccupied with formulating expressions that were contemporary. Synchronous with faith in the future and with the technology and science that emerged from the mid-50s and especially in the 60s. Modular buildings, mirrored surfaces, neon signs, flashing lights and dynamic urban spaces. The mechanical aesthetics were explored by the Op Art artists in this pre-digital era.

This poster was created by the Louisiana Museum, Denmark for their 2016 exhibition Eye Attack - Op Art and Kinetic Art 1950-1970. 

Approximate dimensions:  59.4 x 68 cm