Picasso and Frederick's of Hollywood 1990 poster by Nancy Spero


Artist: Nancy Spero

This exhibition poster features Picasso and Frederick's of Hollywood 1990 by Nancy Spero (1926-2009.) The poster was published in connection with a Spero exhibition at the Louisiana Museum, Denmark in 2020.

Spero was a feminist pioneer and known for her artistic confrontation with rulers of every kind. Her work took an active stance on injustice - whether it is about war or the oppression of women. Early in her career, Spero abandoned painting, considering it a symbol of a male-dominated world order. She primarily used paper, which as a material has a more fragile expression - less macho, less pompous.

Among Spero's most important motifs is the human body, especially the female body. In the 1970s Spero also removed men completely from her art, just as in the same period she co-founded the gallery AIR, which exclusively shows female artists.

Dimensions: 52.7 x 119.9 cm