Pito Kettle (stainless steel), des. Frank Gehry for Alessi


By: Alessi

Juxtaposing a sculptural stainless steel body with a mahogany handle and cap with melodic whistle, the Pito kettle designed by Frank Gehry is like no other.

Evoking marine life through the stylised shape of the top and handle, the melody produced by the whistle is likewise unique; it sounds like a whale's song.

With the Pito Kettle, Gehry has turned an essential kitchen utensil into a fascinating statement design object.

Product Specifications:

  • Kettle in 18/10 stainless steel. Handle and cap with melodic whistle in mahogany wood. 
  • Capacity: approx 180 cl
  • Height: approx 18.2 cm 
  • Length: approx 23.5 cm
  • Width: approx 21.2