Galerie Mikro Keitum Sylt poster by Alexis Akrithakis (Galerie Mikro, Berlin, 1971)


This archive / vintage poster is so 70s and so much fun.

Produced by Galerie Mikro, Berlin in 1971, this poster features the exhuberant work of Greek artist Alexis Akrithakis (1939 -1994). We adore the bright, vivid  colours and the contrasting black and white detailing around the edge of this poster, which prefigures the work of Keith Haring. As Bonham's explains, this is the artist's "famous and highly personal tsiki-tsiki technique - a name used to describe the sound of pen or charcoal on paper as he drew these curly scribbles in his quiet studio...Drawing from surrealism's automatic gestures, tsiki-tsiki reflects the importance of writing throughout Akrithakis' career." Akrithakis once said, "In painting, words are redundant; in poetry, drawings are redundant; yet you design a poem, you write a painting."

Art dealer Alexander Iolas said "Akrithakis is the most original and inventive artist I ever met in Greece... His painting was inspired by the most innocent things in the world: birds, children, stars and flowers. This artist was not after money. The only thing he sought was to instil love for art, the most important prerequisite for true artistic creation."  

Approximate dimensions: 65.8cm x 49.8cm

This is an archive / vintage poster, produced in 1971 and now in short supply. It is sold as new, that's to say it has come straight from the source and is not on the secondary market.  Condition is very, very good but minor imperfections should be expected in a paper product of this age.