Square Enamel Roasting / Baking Pan with Lid, by Riess Classic


By: Riess

Specialists in enamelware, this roasting/baking pan by RIESS comes with a two-handled lid making it an ideal roaster in which you can braise meat for hours. The lid closes perfectly thanks to the fold in the lower part of the roasting pan and the enamel preserves the aromas whilst the lid prevents liquid from escaping. And if you don't need the lid for your dish, the roasting pan lid itself can be used as an additional baking and roasting pan.

Made from high quality enamel, the pan is easy to clean and heat resistant up to 450°C - maximum recommended operating temperature at 220° .

Product Details:

  • Suitable for roasting and baking in the oven
  • With two enamelled handles for easy handling
  • Easy-fitting lid with handle that can also be used as a roasting pan   
  • Heat resistant up to 450°C - maximum recommended operating temperature at 220°
  • Suitable for oven use
  • Cut and scratch resistant
  • Bacteria-inhibiting and aroma-neutral
  • Easy to clean
  • Recyclable
  • CO2-neutrally manufactured in Austria 
  • Internal dimensions: 25 x 25 cm
  • External dimensions (with handle): 33 x 25.7 cm
  • Material: Black enamel

About Riess: 

Since 1922, the traditional Austrian family business has been enamelling cookware in many colours and designs. RIESS products are produced regionally, by hand in the Lower Austrian Mostviertel and, thanks to their own hydropower, are CO2-neutral.

Over nine generations, our family has been creating kitchenware in Ybbsitz in the Lower Austrian Mostviertel region since 1550. Since 1922, we have specialised in the manufacture of top-quality enamelware.

Riess is certified by the European Enamel Association [EEA].