Hugo Vase, Petrol Blue - des. Simona Cardinetti for Nuoveforme - exclusive


Clean, inspiring, ancient and contemporary - we love this piece. 

We're the only UK stockist of Nuoveforme, who produced this stunning handmade Italian vase. Nuoveforme started up in 1993 by a group including the granddaughter of the great ceramicist Alvino Bagni, whose work inspires their output. This piece was designed by Simona Cardinetti taking inspiration from Bagni's surface dots 'Riccio' technique. She named it after Victor Hugo whose quote "I believe in what I say, I do what I believe in' ('je crois ce que je dis; je fais ce que je crois') was, for Cardinetti, an excellent summary of Bagni's own creative process.

Approximate dimensions 32cm high, 22cm diameter. Petrol blue