Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano: Pompidou Centre poster


This poster shows an external elevation of a building a Guardian headline rather nicely described as 'a 70s radical that's never gone out of fashion.'

The Pompidou Centre was designed by the then remarkably young duo of Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers in response to a French competition brief. As they recalled to Rowan Moore, "When you are that young, you are innocent. What you do is what you feel.” Their proposals "were an exercise in freedom, not guided by any desire to win or compromise." 

An inspiring image of a structure two young architects dared to dream of, and then went off and built.

Approximate dimensions: 56 x 100cm

We do sell this poster framed in black, price £165, for collection in person from Salts Mill - we don't send large framed posters by mail. If you're interested, please email

About Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano

Since creating the Pompidou, Richard (1933-2021) won pretty much every prize going. So has Renzo (b.1937) The smiling young men who designed this remarkable Parisian building became giants in the world of architecture, revered across the globe.