Rock Legends in Yorkshire Postcard Collection (32 cards) by Paul Berriff


A  gorgeous collection of 32 black and white postcards featuring images of some of the 20th century's biggest stars, photographed just at the moment they found fame by Paul Berriff. The pack comes wrapped in clear cellophane. 

In 1963, the teenaged Paul Berriff got a trainee job on the local paper. He dreamed of becoming a reporter or a photographer so he started to snap the popstars of the day as they gigged in Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield. And WHAT popstars! The Beatles, The Stones, Roy Orbison, Jimi Hendrix, Sandy Shaw, Marianne Faithful and many others. Paul went on to become a BAFTA award winning cameraman and forgot all about the photos, until he came across them in his attic a few years ago. Salts presented them in 2014 as the exhibition ‘Rock Legends in Yorkshire.’

Berriff’s photos have a real freshness to them: even though they depict some of the most famous faces in the world, the images themselves haven't been endlessly reproduced for the last 50 years. There’s an innocence there, too – as Berriff says, “Only a few months later, the singers and bands would become national and international stars and would never again give such an opportunity to a teenager.”

Dimensions: each individual postcard measures approximately 10.2cm x 15.3cm.