Shorthand Standard Roller Ball Pen, des. Tassilo Von Grolman for ACME


By: Acme
The "Shorthand" Standard Roller Ball Pen, a design by Tassilo Von Grolman, comes from ACME Studio's Standard Roller Ball Pens. The pen comes with one black roller ball refill, the artist's signature engraved on the cap band and "ACME" on the clip. The pen is presented in a ACME metal box with a black sleeve and ACME literature.

About Tassilo Von Grolman: 

TASSILO VON GROLMAN was Born 1942 in Iserlohn, Germany. He currently works as a designer in Frankfurt. Tassilo initially trained as an engine fitter and then studied mechanical engineering. Best known for his high-tech designs, such as his ›2 LAB‹ teapot for Mono. Von Grolman is a generalist. After completing his studies, he worked for various architecture offices and advertising agencies in order to gain experience in different fields. Since 1975, he has had his own design studio, working not only on product design but also on the creation of corporate identities, graphic design and exhibition planning for clients such as Mono and Alfi. His designs have brought him countless exhibitions and awards, such as the Industrie Forum Design in Hannover, the Design Center NRW and even from the East Friesian Tea Museum in Norden. In 1989, acting on his motto, “innovative ideas, professionally carried out,” he gained the gratitude of the inadequately organized German design scene by founding the German Designer’s Club. The Designer’s Club is the design counterpart of the more famous Art Directors Clubs, which up until then were the exclusive clubs for the advertising scene.