Saucepan with Mesh Tray - 17cm - by Fujita Kinzoku


We are wild about these iron pans made by Fuijita Metal MFG in Japan. A truly brilliant three-in-one saucepan / pot, the Fujita Kinzoku Saucepan with mesh tray features a lid, 'frying net' mesh and spout meaning you can deep fry, boil and serve all through one beautifully crafted pot. 
The compact and stylish handles mean the pot won't take up too much precious shelf space and the shape curves slightly inwards to prevent boiling hot oil from splashing out. The 'frying net' mesh fits inside the lid of the pot and can be used for draining food items and/or serving straight to the table. 

At first glance, the pot looks heavy, but the body weighs approx 915g and the lid weighs approx 495g, making it lightweight for a steel product.

Precautions for use: 
  • Do not use in the microwave, oven, or dishwasher.
  • The scale on the inside is approximately 1070ml, which is a guideline to avoid adding more oil.
  • Please note that the handle of the pot will become hot when heated.
  • After use, wash with a scrubbing brush dampened with neutral detergent, wipe dry, and store after completely drying.
  • As you use it, uneven colouring or small scratches may appear on the surface


  • Made of iron
  • Surface treatment pot/lid: baked paint
  • Mesh / net: plating processing

About Fujita Kinzoku: 

Since 1951, Fujita Metal MFG has been manufacturing a variety of metal products starting with frying pans, pots, cups as well as garden and outdoor products. Three brothers, including 4th CEO, oversee all the processes including mold manufacturing, processing, and sales. Since our products are daily necessities, we are always conscious of manufacturing products that are not only convenient but can bring pleasure to everyday life by incorporating ingenuity and craftsmanship.