Set of 3 Stacking Candleholders des. Hans Nagel & Werner Stoff, 1960s - matte black


These matte black candle holders, designed by Hans Nagel  & Werner Stoff, were inspired by a fall in the snow. Mr Nagel took an accidental backward tumble whilst skiing. He broke the fall with his hand, making three finger-holes in the snow. The perfect holes brought a candle holder to mind—a beautiful, sculpted, simple piece with room for three slim sticks.

Made today by Stoff Copenhagen, this piece just as cool as it was in the 60s - a malleable sculpture ready to assume the shape of your unique creativity.

Create and combine your candle holders with other Stoff Nagel designs, use  with Stoff taper candles, or display them as a decorative sculpture.

Please note, this set includes 3 stackable pieces - some of the photos show multiples of that! Combined this way, these pieces allow you to create some really beautiful variations in height and form - tablescaping of dreams!

Material: Zinc alloy with black powder coating

Dimensions: H: 6,9 cm, Ø: 10,2 cm