Still-life with Fish, Fork and Slice of Lemon poster by Pablo Picasso


Artist: Pablo Picasso

We love this poster which features Picasso's ceramic work Still-life with Fish, Fork and Slice of Lemon (1955).

The poster was produced by the Louisiana Museum, Denmark in connection with the large exhibition Picasso Ceramics in Louisiana in 2018.

In the summer of 1946, Picasso stayed in Golfe-Juan in the south of France. Together with a friend, he went to a ceramics exhibition in Vallauris, an area known for its many ceramic workshops. That experience became a turning point and Picasso's curiosity and interest in ceramic objects was piqued.

As early as 1948, Picasso was given a permanent place in the Madoura workshop in Vallauris and decided to move his home to the South of France. The luminous, Mediterranean nature that in those years defined his art is also reflected in the ceramic works. Here he produced  - in parallel with his paintings, drawings, sculptures and graphic works - approx. 4000 ceramic objects. In the case of the image on this poster,   Picasso sculpted the fish, fork and slice of lemon and applied them to the plate. 

Dimensions: 29.7 x 42 cm.