Stoff Candles - set of 12, anthracite


These candles go with the Stoff Nagel candle holders. The candles are produced from paraffin wax, a pure mineral product cleansed of impure particles. Furthermore paraffin wax has the smallest carbon footprint and the least environmental impact of all waxes. The cotton wicks are made of 100% cotton, which affects the indoor climate less than traditional wicks, as fewer particles are released.

The candles are solid-coloured.

Due to their thin diameter, we advise against placing the candles near draft wind from doors and windows, as this may cause them to drip.

If more candles are placed within a distance below the 10cm, as recommended on the backside of the packaging, they can overheat each other and cause the candles to drip.

Do not place the candles in direct sunlight.

Quantity: Box with 12 candles
Material: Paraffin wax
Burning time: 3 hours per candle
Dimensions: H: 18 cm, Ø: 1,3 cm