Cylinda-Line Teapot - 1.25L - des. Arne Jacobsen for Stelton, 1967


By: Stelton

Arne Jacobsen's  Cylinda-Line teapot is Danish design icon. It's striking 60s elegance never fails to take our breath away.

The tea pot holds 1.25 litres. This was one of the first products in Stelton's Cylinda-Line range which is made of stainless steel with Bakelite handles.

Length: 13 cm
Height: 13.5 cm
Width: 23.5 cm
Colour and material: steel

Jacobsen’s creative process centred on his strict consideration of detail. For more than half of the twentieth century, his ideas shaped the landscape of Danish design, rippling out from Scandinavia to influence architects and designers around the world.

His stepson Peter Holmblad was the boss of Stelton. Holmblad persuaded Jacobsen to design for the company. We LOVE his recollection of how he got the attention of the Grand Genius: ""I had to get Arne interested in the project, and it was not easy, because he was busy completing St Catherine's College in Oxford. Therefore, I tried to lure him into getting started. I knew that when Arne saw my own inadequate sketches, he would instinctively make corrections. He could not stand the sight of ugly design." HIlarious and brilliant. The resulting products are design classics we're proud to sell.