The Arrival of Spring: Complete Postcard Collection (49 cards) by David Hockney


Currently being reprinted, hopefully back in stock end of June 2022

The Arrival of Spring is a 49-piece work by David Hockney. This is a full set of postcards of the entire 49-piece series. You can pour over all the individual works, marvel at the scale of the undertaking, or simply enjoy mailing them to your friends - on the dates they were created, or not!

This postcard collection comes wrapped in cellophane. Each postcard measures approximately 12 x 15.6cm.

The Arrival of Spring is a detailed study of the changing seasons on Woldgate, near Bridlington, East Yorkshire. David Hockney believes this is one of his major works, with each separate image depicting a specific day between January and June 2011. He drew the arresting and intimate series on his iPad. Of the medium he says:

"Turner would have loved it. You can be very, very subtle with transparent layers. The light changes quickly here, so you have to choose how you want to depict it. I realised how fast I can capture it with the iPad, a lot faster than watercolour for example. Simply faster. You can choose a new colour or a new brush more rapidly. You don’t have to wait for anything to dry."

Postcard dimensions: 12cm x 15.7 cm

Contains 49 postcards

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These are authorised David Hockney postcards, produced by Salts Mill, for Salts Mill. Printed in Bradford, West Yorkshire.