Timeloop watch des Tobias Jacobsen & Søren Varming for Pierre Junod of Switzerland


The design of this  fabulous Swiss-made watch takes in starlit skies, sun and shadows to create something really rather special. This particular timeloop has orange detailing on the face with a black leather strap. Here's co-designer Tobias Jacobsen on the creative process behind this piece:

“I designed this watch together with Søren Varming. He is a graphic designer. He is also the grandson of Jørgen Varming, an accomplished engineer, who was a good friend of my grandfather’s. Our common interest in trains and train stations led to a long talk about the concept of time. That has resulted in a whole range of watches with inspiration from the traditional station clocks. The first is Timeloop, where a conversation about the starlit sky, sun and shadows inspired a graphic expression that runs against the grain of traditional watch design. The fascinating spirals on the dial indicate the shadow that marks time on a sundial. The hands not only point but frame the time zone. The manufacturer, Pierre Junod,  is a watchmaker with respect for the traditional craft. Varming and I often travel together when we can find the time.”

Dial:     38mm diameter
Strap:   20mm wide