Titus Surveys A6 spiral notebook by Nick Tankard


This lovely A6-sized spiral bound notebook is produced exclusively for us in the UK. It features a print of Nick Tankard's dreamlike image of Sir Titus Salt, the founder of Salts Mill and Saltaire. The notebook has a protective clear polyprop cover both front and back, laid over a 350gsm card cover.

Nick's illustrations are produced using a cross-hatch technique with a black fine line pen. Layer upon layer of small ink lines are built up to form structure and shape, whilst other areas are left untouched in order to hint at a flickering light or billowing clouds. It’s a very time consuming process. He cross-hatches in one direction, then turns the image around and adds another layer to create shade and depth, whilst also leaving elements untouched to hint at light and space. The image may turn ten to twenty times until it’s finished.

The approximate dimensions of this A6 spiral bound notebook are: 15cm long, 11.5cm wide, 1cm deep. Each book contains approximately 80 sheets of 100% recycled 80gsm unlined white paper, with a black wiro binder.