Trinity Basket (black) ACO02B des. Adam Cornish (made by Alessi)


By: Alessi

The dynamic formal rhythm of the black steel “Trinity” basket, designed by Adam Cornish, is created on the basis of a simple geometric shape which develops into a vortex to form an elegant concentric structure. The designer wanted to recreate the appearance of a natural element through modern industrial production processes. The sinuous shape of the basket is created through a process of laser perforations in sheet steel, which is then shaped mechanically.

Dimensions: approx 26cm Diameter,  7cm high

Aussie Adam Cornish’s work is born of simple observational based design. Just like animals and plants; products need to evolve and adapt to better suit the continually changing environment. Adam studied Industrial Design at the University of Technology Sydney and more recently studied Furniture Design at Royal Melbourne's Institute of Technology, where he regularly lectures. The scope of Adam's work includes an impressive range of design disciplines, including furniture and household innovation, as well as complex commercial and residential installations.

Alessi, established in 1921, is a lynchpin of superb Italian design and manufacturing. committed to making the ordinary extraordinary. “A true design work must move people, convey emotions, bring back memories, surprise, and go against common thinking” - Alberto Alessi.