VDM Drawing poster, multicolour, 2018-19 by Ronan Bouroullec


Artist: Vitra

We love this multicolour work by Ronan Bouroullec. He's of Europe's most highly regarded contemporary designers this image would work in any style of interior.

This work is one of Ronan's series of  'intuitive drawings', a practice derived from Surrealism's literary roots and its écriture automatique. We sell a selection of these gorgeous images; they look superb hung together in a line or on a gallery wall - just search 'Bouroullec' to see the rest. 

The intuitive drawing technique allows the artist to develop new imagery and reach the subconscious layers of the mind. Intuitive drawing requires consciousness to be completely shut down while writing a text. This literary form in turn influenced the tenor of many works by Surrealist artists and is often reflected in meandering and dissolving forms.

Matt print on high-gloss paper.

Approximate dimensions:  67.5 x 67.5 cm