Virginia Woolf, 1912 poster by Vanessa Bell


Artist: Vanessa Bell

One of our favourite ever portraits, full stop.

Vanessa captures her sister Virginia lounging in an armchair while knitting. Woolf’s facial features are blurred, abstracted through the use of bold areas of colour. Yet rather than distancing her, this blurring serves to inject the portrait with a sense of intimacy and highlights the painter’s proximity to the sitter. A justly celebrated piece of art. 

Approximate dimensions: Paper size: 60 × 53 cm. Image size: 48 × 41 cm. Fine art giclee print. Note, poster has small white border containing artists name, painting title and publishing details near the bottom edge. 

Printed on Matt 250gsm conservation digital paper. A very versatile high quality paper made in Germany from acid and chlorine free wood pulp. The paper is manufactured on a Fourdrinier Machine, a process first perfected by and patented by the Fourdrinier brothers in 1803.