Water Lilies in the Pond with Pots of Flowers postcard by David Hockney - pack of 10


Our latest David Hockney postcard, Water Lilies in the Pond with Pots of Flowers, reproduces a painting created by Mr Hockney on his iPad in 2021. You will receive 10 large postcards, loose. There is no extraneous packaging. 

An image of extraordinary beauty, the grid pattern invites you to explore each section in the deepest detail. From the gradation of blues on the rain-splashed pond to the  resilient, downpoured-upon flowerpots in the foreground, this is a work to get lost in. As ever, the artist has a message: look at the world - then look harder. Nature is astonishing.

At the time of writing, Water Lilies in the Pond with Pots of Flowers is on display here at Salts alongside Mr Hockney's monumental A Year in Normandie. On view until October 29, 2023 - please see saltsmill.org.uk for details. 

Approximate dimensions: each postcard measures 15.9cm x 15.1cm.

Printed here in Bradford, West Yorkshire

David Hockney "10th – 22nd June 2021, Water Lilies in the Pond with Pots of Flowers". Six iPad paintings comprising a single work. © David Hockney

These are authorised David Hockney postcards, produced by Salts Mill, for Salts Mill.