Wonder Forest Limited Edition Pencil Sharpening Machine by Caran d'Ache


Not all pencil sharpeners are created equal, and this is quite simply the most magnificent we've ever seen. This limited edition green machine is presented in a beautiful red tin box. It would make a wonderful gift for anyone whose livelihood and / or general sense of calm depends on the sharpness of their pencils. 

Created in 1933, the famous Caran d’Ache sharpening machine has transcended the years and reinvented itself. Its high precision and durability have appealed to generations of pencil lovers.

Metal sharpening machine in dark pine green
Machine engraved with “COLLECTOR’S EDITION 1933”
Interchangeable cutter

Collector’s red metal box and sleeve reflecting the identity of the collection – dark green with gold foil
Dimensions: 144 × 144 × 169 mm
Weight: 1.41 kg
Re-usable and long-lasting

For round and hexagonal pastels and pencils with Ø between 4 and 10 mm, and possibility of adjusting the type of tip